J. Lawrie Bloom & Marcy Rosen "The judges' feedback helped to propel us as a group and set even higher goals for ourselves." - Melissa White, violin, Harlem Quartet

J. Lawrie Bloom & Marcy Rosen
“The judges’ feedback helped to propel us as a group and set even higher goals for ourselves.”
– Melissa White, violin, Harlem Quartet


  • Steve Balderston
  • J. Lawrie Bloom
  • Natasha Brofsky
  • Catherine Cho
  • Glenn Dicterow
  • Karen Dreyfus
  • Miriam Fried
  • Ara Gregorian
  • Michael Kannen
  • Maria Lambros
  • Michael Maccaferri
  • Katherine Murdoch
  • Tara Helen O’Connor
  • Peggy Pearson
  • Danny Phillips
  • Todd Phillips
  • Marcy Rosen
  • David Shifrin
  • Scott St. John
  • Roger Tapping
  • Diane Walsh
  • Robert Yekovitch


Head Judges

J. Lawrie Bloom and Marcy Rosen recruit and supervise a noteworthy selection of music educators and performers. One head judge directs the preliminary process and the other manages the judging at the live competition. Having served since the Competition’s inception 18 years ago, they have provided leadership for these distinguished individuals in assuring fair and honest performance assessments. 

Preliminary Judges

Working with the head preliminary judge, a panel reviews and rates the recorded submissions anonymously. The head judge works with judges to review the highest rated submissions to select the finalists. A minimum of three judges rates each submission and then a smaller group reviews the judges’ ratings and selects the five finalists.  The preliminary judges will be selected in the fall of 2019 and their names will be included in updates to the web site.

Finalist Judges

Two additional judges will be selected to join the head finalist judge for the live competition in April, 2020. They will be selected to represent the range of groups selected as finalists.  Their names and biographies will be included in the Competition Program and this web site in Spring, 2020.