2016 Festival Sponsors

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2016 Festival Underwriters

Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival 31 thanks the following underwriters of this year’s concerts, artist showcases, open rehearsals, and donor reception. Their generosity helps CCFM offer tickets at prices that will attract a growing audience to enjoy this wonderful chamber music and these superb musicians:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Granville
Harold & Martha Quayle
Catherine Collins McCoy
Al Smith & Eleanor Dallam
Joseph & Dixie Schulman
Sam & Rosemary Trippe
Benson & Mangold
Norman H. & Ellen K. Plummer
Martha F. Horner
Cynthia Rickman & Joel Texter
Judith Kraines & Dr. Neil Hoffman
Ronya & David Driscoll
Sylvia H. Garrett
Robert Lonergan
Chloe & David Pitard
Beth Schucker
Sanford & Margaret Young
Dorothy Robins Mowry
Phoebe C. Reynolds
Mary & Fritz Riedlin
Jeffrey Parker & Chance Negri
Eric & Carol Chandler
Bob & Judy Amdur
Dave Bobrow
Lynn Freeburger
Carol Gadsby
Higgins & Spencer, Inc.
Lesley & Fred Israel
Bill & Carolyn Kane
Mary Lou McAllister
Jim & Pamela McCloud
Jerry & Bernice Michael
Carolyn Rugg & Larry Rovin
Alison Talbot
John & Lily Waterston
Philip & Irmy Webster
Lin & Steve Clineburg
Penelope Proserpi
Susan & Blaine Phillips
Nancy Graham


Chesapeake Music is grateful to Mrs. Phoebe C. Reynolds who agreed to honor her late husband, Bob, a clarinet players himself, with the following name recognition: The Robert Reynolds Clarinet Chair held by J. Lawrie Bloom, Founding Artistic Director of the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival.

Take center stage by endowing a musician’s chair at Chesapeake Music’s Chamber Music Festival.

Our musicians are among the finest to perform world-wide.  Support their artistry and share your passion for a particular instrument by endowing a chair in your name or in honor of someone special to you.

Available chairs: Cello, Piano, Violin, Viola, Oboe, Flute, Bass, Bassoon, French Horn

All chair endowers will:

  • Be listed alongside the name of the musician in our festival program
  • Receive recognition on the Chamber Music Festival’s webpage
  • Receive a special thank you from the musician who occupies your chair

Donations toward a chair can be prorated and paid over a five-year period, if desired.  The naming privilege lasts for 10 years. Eleanor Shriver Magee, Director of Development is happy to assist you at eleanor@chesapeakemusic.org or 410-819-0380 to begin your legacy of music to last a lifetime.